From the Course


As spring weather is eagerly anticipated, trying to define an absolute start date is like trying to nail Jell-O to a tree.  However, spring will get here and there is much to do.  Besides the annual cleanup associated with a typical winter, we also need to button up the irrigation project that was started last Labor Day. Industry professionals told us repeatedly that it would be a four-month project.  We ceased all work at the end of November.  There were a few days in December that the weather allowed us to get back in and do some work.  The bulk of the work that needs to be finished is the backfilling of dirt around the new sprinkler heads.  I have heard that there are some volunteers that are discussing a “volunteer work day” to come and help us wrap this wonderful project up.  If anyone is interested, please reach out to a Board Member that you may know, or even call me in my office.  My number at the course is 434-2586.  That date is to be determined based on Mother Nature, of course but any help would be appreciated.  It will take us some time to finish, but do not let that deter you from coming down and getting in some early season golf. 

The driving range will be seeded and grown in as soon as there is proper soil temperatures to get it GREEN.  I anticipate being able to seed it mid-May if not sooner.

As for full or part time employment on our maintenance crew, please call with any inquiries.  I don’t have a ‘benefit’ package to offer, but I can offer free golf at our facility and many others around the State.   If you’re an early riser, call me. 

Over the winter, I hired a new Equipment Manager.  He’s a local gentleman and I’m excited to announce that Greg Pepprock has joined our team.  He’s been in the Shelby area for almost 20 years and I’m glad he’s here.  Finding a golf course mechanic is not easy.  I posted the vacancy on six total websites and had two applicants, from Arkansas and North Carolina.  Please welcome Greg aboard.

Scott Lennnemann

Golf Course Supt

Marias Valley GC
[email protected]




Wine, beer, and food fest. It is set for April 5th with tickets at $25 per person. All board members have tickets for sale at the ELKS 6pm to 8pm downstairs


Hello from the Clubhouse

We are happy to say our upcoming season is out with the old and in with the new. Our new clubhouse be will have be a wonderful upgrade for our golf course and community. We hope to be ready to open in May and bring lots of wonderful new events.  We will be starting the season with many new assets intended to make your golf experience unique. A new system with many new functions, like on line tee times, members can look at their account on line and more. Indoor golf will also be available when weather does not allow outside play. The web site will be changed to, log on and check it out.

All fees will stay the same as last year. Men’s league meeting is scheduled for April 22 at 7:00 P.M. with the location to be announced later. Women’s league will be scheduled soon. Use of the pavilion is available for booking, just come by or call the clubhouse for reservations. All tournaments will be posted on the web site and if anyone would like to organize a tournament or group function please contact us.

In early spring we would like to invite volunteers to come help with getting our golf course ready to play, date to be determined by mother nature. We are looking forward to the new season with all the new changes.

Larry Steinhoff
Club House Manager

Email [email protected]



From the House committee

It seems the winter is going to be stretching into the golf season. Hopefully we be can be on the course by April. There will be a few changes when you arrive this year, the old clubhouse will be gone and the building of the new one will be continuing. We are anticipating completion in May or possibly the first part of June. For the time being the pro shop will be working out of a trailer. We are adding doors to the pavilion with patio heaters inside for a temporary clubhouse. As the new clubhouse is being built the beams from the all clubhouse will be incorporated. It will be exciting to have some of the old mixed in with the new.

MVGCC will have a new website on Facebook and point of sale system for the clubhouse and pro shop. This will be available for any Member to check their balance and make online tee times. This website will be

We thank the Elks for providing a place that we can host our wine, beer, and food fest. It is set for April 5th with tickets at $25 per person. All board members have tickets for sale. Please contact any one of them and they will make sure you get a ticket to a very fun event. We plan to have an update that evening on what is going on at the course.

We expect a few bumps during this transition, and we would like to thank you all in advance for your understanding. You have possibly heard about a few changes in rules this year. Here is some more information from the MSGA site (There is a full table of major changes listed at These and other changes are listed in more detail on the USGA website. You can get your free copy of the Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf 2019 by clicking here. The USGA Rules of Golf 2019 smartphone app is also available for download.)

Rod Stirling
House Committee Chairman



Member Benefits


Once membership is paid in full this will allow the person to become a VOTING MEMBER every year as long as membership is current.

Single membership 1 vote, Couple membership 1 vote, Family membership 1 vote

Members will be allowed to carry over gift certificates/tournament prize cards (will not expire).

Members will be able to use gift certificates/tournament prize cards for the following: Merchandise in Pro Shop/Beverages in bar/food.


Every hour there will be tee times blocked (2) for members to allow them to make tee times the morning of wanting to play.


All members will receive $1.00 off the purchase of a 6 pack of beer or pop from bar to take onto the course.


All members will receive 10% off purchases of Apparel in Pro Shop


Members will be allowed every year to put ONE person on their cart for usage (2 people total). Both users must have current membership.

New entries in Cart Barn will be a onetime fee of $150.00.

Marias Valley Golf Course will provide gas and electricity to full members who have golf carts in barn.


April 15, 2019

$100-$299 will receive an extra 5% added to their accounts

$300 and above will receive an extra 10% added to their accounts




Marias Valley Golf Course

406-434-5940 – PO Box 784 Shelby MT 59474 –

2019 Fee Schedule


Greens Fees:

9-Holes   20.00

18-Holes   37.00

Junior 9 Holes 15.00

Junior 18 Holes   25.00

Punch Cards:

10 Nine Hole Rounds (Nontransferable)    170.00

20 Nine Hole Rounds (Transferable)      340.00

20 Nine Hole Rounds Cart – per seat (Transferable) 185.00

Season Passes:

Single     695.00

Couple    975.00

Family   1100.00

Student – HS     150.00

Season Passes Limited

Single    475.00

Couple     650.00

Note:  Not good on Weekends, Holidays or during League Play and must tee off before 2:00 pm

Season Passes – Secondary

Call the pro-shop for rates if you meet the following criteria

Note:  Cannot be a voting member and must be a primary season pass holder of a course within 75 miles or live further than 75 miles.

Cart Rentals

9 Holes (per seat)   10.00

18 Holes (per seat)  18.00

Cart Privileges:

Cart Storage Gas/Electric Gas is included (Includes 2 people on lease any extras will pay the user fee)  400.00

Additional User  75.00

Daily User Fee  18.00

Lease (18 Holes per day)    600.00

Yearly Trail Fee (No storage)     250.00

Note: If the two are a couple then children in HS w/Driver’s License or college permitted


Small Bucket  3.00

Medium Bucket   6.00

Large Bucket    9.00

Other Fees:

Club Rental 9 Holes 7.50

Club Rental 18 Holes 12.00

Pull Cart 9 Holes  4.00

Pull Cart 18 Holes   6.00

Handicap Fee (Required for Men’s League and most tournaments) 25.00


MVGCC Board Members

Steve Nichols - President                                    Brice Kluth - Vice President
George Nickol - Greens Chairman                      Rod Stirling - House Chairman
Michael Martin - Marketing Chairman                 Justin Whitted - Tournament Committee Chairman
Mark Anderson                                        Gene Maloney                      Pam Faulhaber



Tee Time are always available after a tournament Please Call


2019 Marias Valley Tournament and Event Calendar






Shelby JV & Varsity



March 29 2019





Wine and Beer Fundraiser

6-8 PM


April 5 2019


Shelby Triangular

4:00 PM


April 23 2019


Shelby Varsity



April 26 2019


Men's League Meeting

7:00 PM


April 22 2019





Men’s League Start

6:00 PM


May 6 2019


Spring Scramble

9:00 AM


May 11 2019






9:00 AM


June 8 2019



9:00 AM

Shotgun/Tee Times

June 15 & 16 2019


Farm and Ranch

9:00 AM


June 21 2019


Quad Cup

9:00 AM


June 28 2019





Cenex Harvest States

9:00 AM


July 11 2019


City Bar

9:00 AM


July 12, 2019


Marias Mixer

9:00 AM


July 13 2019





Marias Valley Open

9:00 AM


Aug 3/4 2019

Sat/ Sun

Toole Co. Health Foun.

9:00 AM


Aug 10 2019


McFarland Group


Tee Times

Aug 13/14/15





Caesar Open

10:00 AM

Tee Times

Sept 14 2019






10:00 AM


Oct 6 2019